Sunday, August 21, 2005

the best art of the trip breif

hello all
sorry about the delay
we couldn't find a nice cafe and when we borrowed maurice's computer
and i finally got it all done and the power goes out
i took it as a sign to quit trying anyways so this blog here will be quick and painless
and i'll go into more detail later for sure
but this is hugh by the way if u didn't already guess by my writing style
some of the highlights of the past week or so have been
diving in the great barrier reef and meeting a family from clagary
and seeing the giant granite feilds or w/e and feeding the rock wallabes
then the 6 hour flight to perth, that was kinda boring
i need to learn to sleep on airplanes
and when we got to perth we called a bus and it arrived in 20seconds
i was impressed by the reation time it was crazy
and we have been staying at Maurice's place and with the family
his three kids Tex, Seamus, and Francis are all very bright kids and are always happy
we've rode around perth and freemantle and the area and we went as far as possible on bikes
so now we are renting a car and going even farther and thats where we are now
everyone is in good health and good spirits
and we'll update again as soon as we can
Keep smiling
- Hugh

Saturday, August 06, 2005

We met Rob in Cairns.

If you are able to rotate this picture you'll see
Al's great impression of Napoleon Dinamite.
Esta gondola pasa encima de varias montanas y la
vista es impresionante. Nuestra visita con Roberto
fue inolvidable. El esta muy bien.

Una vista desde el tren que nos llevo de regreso
a Karunda

Hughie y Rob probandose unos sombreros de
piel de cocodrilo

Estos sombreros tienen corchos colgando para
espantar las moscas y mosquitos. Son sombreros bien Australianos

We made Rob eat crocodile as a punishment for not calling home. Rob also got the hug and kiss that his mom sent. We went to Karunda village with Rob. We took the skyrail up and the train down all very pretty. We saw the dam gorge or was it a gorge dam? Had a great time with Rob before droping him off at his backpackers lodging as he needed a nap before the party in the rainforest. Even 10 000 km from home he has better things to do than hang out with uncle Al. Maybe there will be fodder for his blog at the party.
Comimos carne de cocodrilo y parece pechuga de
pollo sancochada o mal cocida. Los canguros en este parque son muy timidos y les gusta comer de las manos de los turistas. Son suavecitos.

Salsa and a trip to the petting zoo

Feel free to swim with the fresh water crocks but be wary of the salties.

Petting the animals is good for Yoly's soul she feels instant conection with all the creatures great and small mayby we will get a farm when we get back.

Feel free to swim with the fresh water crocks but be wary of the salties.

We did make our trip to the salsa on Little Stanly street in Brisbane it was on the schedule so we had to go everyone had a fine time but my shoes were sticky.

Petting a Koala.

Here is a picture of Yoly petting a Freshie.

And here is Hugh showing his charm works on marsupials also.

Koalas With Baby

This is Mossman Gorge a very nice walk in the rainforest.

This is a picture of our current pile of lugage before it was stuffed inside our rental van.

We have a new perspective on the roads around Australia since we rented our van. The roads are bad in fact I think a bike tour in Oz is a bad idea. I recomend renting a 4x4 ute and getting away from the roads.

Last time we showed you a picture of a Koala with a baby but you couldn't see the baby. We got a lot of complaints so we will republish with the baby koala more clearly shown.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Port Douglas

We made it to Cairns, rented a van and drove to Port Douglas where we plan to wait for nice weather to dive on the reef. We plan to visit Rob after church on Sunday so if any one knows his email address tell him to go staight home after church next Sunday.

We visited with Maurice's cousins in Brisbane last week they treated us great and said they miss Maurice, Anna and the kids terribly. We ate lots of real Aussie food drank some wine and beer.

We drove to Cape Tribulation in a rain storm yesterday it looks like the inside of a cloud. The road is like the bike path in calgary except the water was overflowing the culverts and running accross the surface of the road. I think it is part of the design. We went for some great rain forest walks especialy the Mossman Gorge in the Daintree forest.

Yoly spoted a wild crocodile on the river but we couldn't catch it as it was too big.

We will try to send more pictures soon.
See Ya Al Yoly and Hugh
Hola mis amigos
Llegamos a Cairns sin novedad. Todavia estoy adolorida de cargar nuestro equipage que es muy pesado. Al llegar a Cairns rentamos una mini van y gracias a Dios nuestras bicicletas y demas equipage cupo. Es una bendicion que tengo las piernas cortitas porque al arreglar los sillones en el vehiculo solo habia espacio para una persona muy pequena. Allan condujo hasta Puerto Douglas . Este lugar es muy popular. Esta lleno de turistas y todo esta mas caro. Conseguimos un apartamento por once dias. El clima me recuerda de Quatepeque. Es demasiado humedo y caluroso aun que ha estado lloviendo desde hace 6 dias. El camino a los parques nacionales no son adecuados para manejar bicicletas. Hay apenas suficiente espacio para manejar un escarabajo, entonces nuestras bicicletas estan empacadas por unos dias. Ayer fuimos a un parque nacional llamado Daintree Forest en Mossman como a 15 Km de aqui. Que lindo bosque donde siempre llueve. A nosotros nos llovio bastante. Allan se esta acostumbrando a manejar en el lado derecho del carro. A veces veo carros que estan siendo manejados por un perro, pero la verdad es que el perro es el pasajero. Ayer vi a un cocodrilo salvaje a la orilla del rio. La gente dicen que uno no debe meterse al rio donde no hay mas gente banandose. A mi me gusta banarme el la ducha solamente. Este domingo vamos a ir a visitar a nuestro sobrino Roberto, el trabaja a dos horas de aqui. Bueno mis amigos pronto les mandaremos mas fotos. Cuidense mucho. Hasta pronto meits!
Yoly, Allan y Hughie

Friday, July 29, 2005


This is a lizard atacking Hugh's leg.
Aqui hay un moton de lagartijas e iguanas negras

This is a Koala and Baby.
Una mama koala y su bebe

Another Koala.

This is the trannsport in Brisbane it is called a fast cat and it is fast.
Esta en una forma de transporte en Brisbane. Es un catamaran que hace muchas paradas a la orilla del gran rio para recoger pasajeros y es bien rapido.

This is the big sign at Surfers Paradice.

We are looking forward to meet and visit Maurice's cousins here in Brisbane. Tomorrow we will be busy packing our bikes and getting ready for our next stop in Cairns.
Hoy en la noche vamos a conocer a los primos de nuestro amigo Mauricio y manana estaremos empacando para nuestro vuelo a Cairns donde vamos a tomar unas vacaciones de nuestras bicicletas. El clima ha estado fantastico . Aqui dicen que esta haciendo sequia porque no ha llovido. Para nosotros esta perfecto. Ya les estaremos enviando mas noticias desde Cairns y esperamos ver a nuestro querido sobrino Roberto que esta trabajando cerca de alli.
Hasta pronto saludos desde Brisbane
con amor Yoly, Al y Hughie

The Kangaroos

The Place above had an all you can eat buffet for $10.00. I have never seen Hugh eat that much we ate 8 plates of food in all for $30.00

This is point danger on the border bettween NSW and QLD. This is the day we rode to Surfers Paradice. The beaches strech as far as you can see then they go on from there.

This picture is the herd of kangoroos beside the highway , it was Hugh's sharp eye that initialy spoted them. I knew we brought him for a reason, that and his navigation skills. I knew we were close to finding them because there were so many dead in the ditch. The trafic was really fast on that streach of road.

The sunset in Woodburn. We had to stay there because the wind was blowing too hard to get to Evans Head. It is funny how nice a dump of a motel looks after riding into the wind for a while.

More Kangaroos.

More Pictures of Le Tour

Dear Tom just fill both tanks all the way like everybody else. The switch to the right of the heater controls will tell you which tank you are drawing from and which gauge is being displayed on the dash. Gas here is $1.28 a litre so it is cheap there by comparison. Fill'er up Mate! How is Xela? The wiper switch has to be between on and off to stop the wipers. Good luck!

Yoly made freinds with a bunch of horses. Pinto Canche Canela y Mancha are there names and yes the come when she calls them. they were the only nice thing about Grafton. The big attraction in grafton is the Prison they call it the Graftor gaol or goul or something.

This is the Magpie that catches food better than Xela.

This is a picture of me and Hugh in front of a big rock. The rock has a name I din't know it. Maybe "The Rock" It is in Nambuca Heads a very nice place.

This is us with Maurice's Aunt and Uncle, Lois and Mike They fed us so they are good sports as we eat a lot. They are both very nice and want to go fishing in Perth but Maurice won't invite them.

This is a picture of Yoly teaching the locals how to slide down a sand dune. I failed in my attempt as I slid off the end of the cardboard and filled my shorts with sand. It made for an interesting days ride as I would have to stop run behind a tree and try to get the sand out of my short every once in a while.

This is Nambuca Heads home of the best sea food ever. Wealso enjoyed the beach.

Here we are on the road hopfull the we are on the right road.

These two pictures give you an Idea of the type of roads we tried to ride on to avoid the trafic on the Pacific highway. This strech of 42 km took almost all day to get between Port Mac Quarie and cresent heads.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The birds ate the same ham that we did just smaller pieces thats all. I am not a big fan of road kill soup as I always overcook it to eliminate the possibility of contracting a bactirial infection.
The roads here are not very fun to cycle on and Brizzy looks like a nightmare to cycle in, the trafic is crazy. I saw one bridge where the trafic goes the wrong way on the wrong side of the bridge. All the cars have smash marks on them. The first day I didn't like this town much but since we took the ferry from one end to the other it seems better than it did at first. The place is under construction and the price of real estate is 2 to 4 times what it is in Calgary and everything is for sale. We are staying in a total dive but the people that run it and stay there all seem nice, except for the drunk who lives on the front step and the hookers that visit with him.
We went to a cool zoo/sanctuary and saw all the animals alive the we saw splatered all over the roads. The baby koalas are cute so we took lots of pictures as are the wallabies. The big birds are scary and the make funny noises they are emus and cosowarys.
Hugh and I went for a swim in the ocean at Burleigh Heads and did some body surfing it was a blast and not too cold.
Today we are checking out the scene in Brisbane for some reason there are a lot of tourists here but I can,t see any reason why. It is a mystery we plan to solve.
I forgot to bring any pictures so I will post extra next time.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Surfers Paradice

We droped the second mountain stage too. We are now living the GOOD life near surfers paradice. We rented a Ute to pass by some crappy road what a thrill that was to drive on the wrong side of the road really fast. I can drive fine on the left side but I have a hard time getting used to everyone else driving on the wrong side.
We got our ffirst flat tires on our bikes one for me one for Yoly. There is glass smashed on the roads everywhere and the tires are shredded. We passed the 1000 km of riding yesterday our current plan is to take the train to Brisbane on friday and stay at Annies B&B.
We finally saw the kangaroos alive. We have seen a huge variety of dead wildlife on the road. One stretch, the one where we saw the live kangaroos, the dead ones were piled up three deep in the ditch. The weather gets warmer and more humid as we go north.
We visited Maurices aunt and uncle Lois and Mike in Ballina and the treated like kings. Lois has the wild birds tamed in the area, they come when she calls and will catch chunks of meat in the air when she tosses it to them.
Today we are riding without gear and we pass everyone and fly up the hills efortlessly.

Para nuestros amigos que hablan espanol:
a Dios gracias hemos estado disfrutando tanto la vista. Al fin vimos un grupo de kanguros a la par de la carretera. que emocionante fue. Tambien hemos puesto mas de mil kilometros en bicicleta y por primera vez, hoy venimos a esta playa llamada Surfers Paraiso sin ninguna maleta. Ay que facil es ir de montana a montana. Hughie y yo estamos negritos de tanto sol. El clima va cambiando porque nos estamos acercando mas al norte de Australia. Esta mas caluroso y humedo. Bueno cuidense mucho ya les mandaremos mas fotos dentro de poco. Que Dios les bendiga. Saludos de Yoly, Allan y Hughie

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Want to se more pictures?

Nambuca heads is great very sunny surrounded by 4 beaches and has look outs for whales.
This is a picture of us going through the rain forest on a tourist drive.
This is one of shelly beach in port MacQuarie. It was a super windy day great to be walking the beach instead of riding.
This is a kookaburra they wake us every morning.
The sun goes down here but it feels like it goes down on the wrong side and the toilets do swirl backwards but its rare to see because they are square here.

The Nasty, the Tasty and the in between

The Youngest and by far most interesting blogger, Hughie here
So we have made it to nambucca, and we're staying in a nice little en suite thing it's great, best bed EVER! and a well needed sleep came with it, after the previous day of into the wind riding, wow was that hard, i was riding at the back of the group as well because i missed my morning mocca so i rode behind mom and stayed in the terbulant air cuz it's so much easier... for me anyways, baha. but it was definately worth it to make it to this little town, we had the largst seafood meal ever, we completely took advantade of the snack menu it was delicious, i wish i could have saved you all some, but it probably wouldn't pack too well.
Ya know how some things smell like ass? WELL i found something that Tastes like ass AND shoe at the same time, it's called Vegemite, i almost died , TWICE, awful stuff, we threw away the rest of the little jar but Any ways onto something less disturbing. i have the worlds worst sock tan, and it's impossible to get rid of because of my dastardly cycling shoes, it's the whitest part of my body so i'm wearing flip flops everywhere, but nothing helps, it's like permanent, gah, evil shoes and their crazy shananigans, ooh we went down one of dad's "short cuts" the other day, oh wow, longest 35km of my life, it was, without a doubt a road that kept me awake with all of it's twists, twigs, puggles, and such but the sand!, oh dear the sand was horrible half the way, you would try to go straight but nooo it would thwor your tire out from under you and fill your chain with sand so it would sound horrid the rest of the way.
mother has gotten into the habbit of petting every dog she passes then complains about missing xela and now that she got her speedometer run over by a car she is constantly asking me for the time in calgary and wonders what xela is doing, it's really annoying actualy but hey, can't blame her for missing poor xela
the mud cake here is to die for, i havent eaten a mud cake that i have not apreciated to the fullest it's some tasty stuff and i never get tired of it haha
the other day while sitting in a restauraunt i realized how ya know in calgary there is always this group of people who are load and have an odd accent and you always thing what a weird group of people i wonder where they are from? well we are now those people, well me anyways, mom and dad have the accent figured out but i am hopeless, and get weird looks all the time still, like i've done something wrong, it's kind of a put down but hey i still like my uniqueness,
and STill no sign of a roo of a koala, we've seen a ratty dingo though and mom wanted to pet it but we made her keep her distance but we are in high hopes and we'll keep on truckin till we find one and inform you all as soon as it happens
later days all y'all
keep laughin

Best Seafood Ever!

We went out for seafood yesterday and had the seafood plater it had every kind of seafood all cooked to perfection. We had just copleted 62 km into the wind so we were all starving it was so good we decided to stay an extra day here in Nambuca heads.
Thursday we rode/walked the worst road ever the potholes would literaly swallow a small car and the bikes would sink to the axles in the lose sand so we had to push and carry them. It was brutal but interesting. we have some great pictures of the road but none available to publish today.
While we were talking about food last time I failed to ask what is the best beer. Any suggestions?
We are tring to upload images to the blog we will see what happens. It looks like it works! Lets see.